esmaspäev, 9. oktoober 2006

Kiwon Wang

Kiwon Wang on Koreas sündinud ning viimased 16 aastat USA-s õppinud-elanud ehtekunstnik.
Tema loodud vaimustavad paberist ehted.
Paber ja pärlid.

Kiwon Wang is jewelry designer who was born in Korea and has lived in the United States for the last 16 years. I love her paper jewelry and marriage between paper and pearls.
From her homepage:
"My work is based on the theme "East meets West", which is the meeting and the interplay between materials and forms, methods, techniques and literature. In every step of my jewelry creation I combine the Eastern traditional boundaries and the Western modern boundaries, reaching the realm of where objects adorn the body using contrast, tension, absence and presence."

Found via art for housewives

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