kolmapäev, 17. oktoober 2007

Helen Bird

Helen Bird'i kaunid aksessuaarid.
Lingi leidsin La fee coquette'i bloogist. Tema olemasolust sain aga teada statistikat uurides. (Nii nagu mõnest teisestki blogijast, kellest mul muidu aimugi poleks.)

Gorgeous accessories by Helen Bird.
I found this link on La fee coquette's sidebar.
And thanks to lafeecoquette for adding my blog to such a great list of artists. I appreciate it a lot :)

1 kommentaar:

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog !
    I am glad that you have appreciate Helen Bird's work and she will be too !
    I love your work very much, that's why you are on my sidebar !
    "See" you later...


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