kolmapäev, 14. november 2007

Members of EST vol3

* Ira Grant creates lovely and cheerful bags and purses full of color. But that's not all, she has tried her hand also on many other things. To find out all about it visit her web-site.

* Anna Ruby King from Athens offers very cute cards and beautiful jewelry.

* Glasfaden makes her own lampwork beads and assembles them into delicate necklaces. Her shop and flickr gallery.

16 kommentaari:

  1. Marianne, thanks for mentioning me in your blog! I've found it as I was googling myself (hihi.. curious as I am :o)).

  2. Sabung Ayam terbaik Se indonesia dan banyak bonus nya ^^

    s128 sabung ayam

  3. Ayam ayam jago Terbaik di Indonesia

    tarung sampai mati


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