kolmapäev, 10. august 2005

Bags of Fun

Starting point - cut overalls.

I have to confess that only time in my 30 years of existence I did any embroidery was at the age of 10 when I made tiny cross-stitch sunflower. That was all until last night when I printed out about dozen basic stitches from Sharon's exellent stitch list and gave it a try. Well-well, all I have to say is that I can't wait till all kids are in bed and I can play again!

Anyway, this morning I started on a bag. In my comfort zone - crochet. I did two freeform crochet patches for pockets. I will be adding more to both of them.

2 kommentaari:

  1. Ooooooooooooooh!

    I had heard of freeform crochet, and hadn't really seen any until now. How inspiring!

    And the colours are really wonderful with the matt blue of the jeans.

  2. Love the freeform crochet -- I must experiment with some for my jeans bag!


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