Teisipäev, 13. september 2005

Bags of fun

Yesterday morning I took break from crocheting scarves and making felted jewelry, and had some fun with my bag. I started stitching on front of the bag. Wanted it to be similar to crochet scrumbles which are on the back pockets and on the flap in front. Not to copy the scrumbles but to create same feeling useing thread and needle instead of crochet hook. Well, here's my mornings work:

Front of the bag looks like this at the moment:

And here's back of the bag, not finished yet:

To tell the truth, until this challenge I didn't like dealing with needles and thread. When my kid managed to get hole in knitted sock, I'd rather knit new pair than fix this one. Same for sewing on buttons. If where was a way to avoid threading the needle, I did it. And look at me now. Here I am spending hours stitching. And loving every second of it!

2 kommentaari:

  1. Wow I love what you are doing - its also a kick to see you enjoying embroidery so much

  2. I love the bright colours and the way you are following the shapes of your crochet scrumbles with (sewing)needle and yarn on the front of your bag


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