reede, 19. mai 2006

Jana Roberts Benzon

Jana Roberts Benzon on ehtekunstnik, kes võlub voolimissavist välja uskumatult peeneid mustreid ning neist omakorda võrratuid ehteid. Samuti pisikesi pudelikesi ja prosse
Ohh ja ahh, muud miskit.

Jana Roberts Benzon is jewellery designer who creates most wonderful pieces from polymer clay. Look at these arabesque canes or artists' latest work. There are also some vessels and brooches. Just amazing!

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  1. Anonüümne23.05.06 21:50

    Thank you for posting a link to my site. I am happy to know that others appreciate Polymer Clay art as much as I do! It's an incredible medium that can be adapted to any flavor and allows so much self expression....

    Thanks much!

    Jana Roberts Benzon


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