laupäev, 10. veebruar 2007

TAST Week 6 - Algerian eye stitch

Ikka veel toosama kott. Ootasin juba paar nädalat sobivat pistet, millega täita ühe külje parem nurk. Et saaks selle kotikülje lõplikult valminuks kuulutada. Ja ta tuli! Tähepiste sobis suurepäraselt. Lisasin nii paremasse kui vasakusse kotinurka mõned litrid, ühendavaks lüliks või nii. Ise olen rahul :)

6th week of Take a stitch Tuesday.
I'd been waiting for couple of weeks for suitable stitch to finish off one blank corner of the bag. I wanted something what would have similar effect to freeformed detached chain stitch which is on the other corner of the same side. And this week's stitch, algerian eye, was perfect for that. I also added some sequins to both corners to bring them more together. This side of bag is done now!
I stitched a bit on the other side too. Now I'd need some nice stitch to work some circles and something else to pull it together and in few weeks my purse will be ready for a little tour around the town :)

5 kommentaari:

  1. Anonüümne11.02.07, 01:14

    Oh, wow. I've been following your progress with that bag for several weeks now and I must say that it just keeps getting prettier every time !

  2. This is FABULOUS - congrats :)

  3. thank you all! your comments are very appreciated :)

  4. I've been following your progress on this bag too and it's a delight to see it get more beautiful the more you add to it. I really admire your talent!


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