teisipäev, 11. detsember 2007


Signe küsis eile, et kust mul need ideed kõik tulevad.

Väike näide eilsest päevast. Peale oma postituse kribamist kiikasin isetegijasse ja märkasin hunditädi patju. Kümme minutit hiljem nägin neid *ehteid. Ja veel kümme minutit hiljem köögis toimetades sündis nende kahe ühismõjul 1 idee. See muidugi arenes välgukiirusel edasi mitmeks erinevaks mõttekeseks.
See on algus. Sihukesi sähvatusi tekib tohututes kogustes. Realiseeruvad niiehknaa ainult üksikud ja needki moonduvad tegemise käigus tavaliselt hoopis millekski muuks.

Illustreerivaks näiteks olgu siinkohal üks heegelkatsetus, mis sündis peale Judy Dunn'i uuemate tööde nägemist.

Talking about ideas and inspiration here. 

For example yesterday one minute I saw these crocheted pillows and ten minutes later was checking out Diffendaffer's *work. Another ten minutes later while cleaning up the kitchen I got an idea based on these two things I saw earlier on the net.
On the picture is one of my crochet experiments. Hardened, painted and varinshed pendant inspired by Judy Dunn's newest work.

* Haa! Aastad teevad oma töö, eks. Too link viitab nüüd (aasta 2013) sootuks muule tööle. 
Aga pidasin silmas neid ehteid. Just neid kreemikasvalgeid.

11 kommentaari:

  1. Hello! I found you casually, while exploring pictures in flickr, although I thought immediately that such a creative drive had to come from an Estonian! I have no idea how to make a simple crochet line, and I am 38 year old. None of it was ever thought to anyone I ever met back home (I am from Colombia and there, then, devoting one`s time to art or music meant almost a waste of time. The "right" thing to do was to study more mathematics, languages, geography and the such). Now that I am in love with creations like yours I cant seem to find any tutorial to follow. Reading in the books those little signs has proven fruitless, I cannot understand them. My daughter, and Estonian with curiosity and interest, but at the moment and for few more months in Madrid, could learn it much better than I, but where? Do you have any suggestion? Is there a huvikeskus where children can crochet? Any person that would be willing to be her "tutor?"
    You have made fantastic things, I will, if you would allow me, make some entry in my own blog with your pictures (and the source and references of course). It does not have much traffic but at least my family would understand what I mean when I tell them about the art and creativity of Estonians! Best regards.

  2. Rääkides ideedest. Mõnikord hüppavad need pähe täiesti suvalisel ajal. Tihti trennis, kusjuures:D Seal on nii palju aega mõelda.
    Aga mõnikrod võtan lihtsalt kummutisahtli lahti ja vaatan asju ja tunnen, kuidas inspiratsioon ühe hetkega lihtsalt voolma hakkab. Mõnus tunne:)

    Muide, see heegelasi on äärmiselt vinge;)

  3. tänud!
    evelin - kahju, et ma oma trennitegemise aegadel neist asjust ei huvitunud ;)
    a praegu tabavad nad mind ka tihti just selliste monotoonsete tegevuste aegu, robot-mina teeb vajalikke liigutusi ja loovisik-mina saab samal ajal meeldivamalt aega veeta.

    hi salsol!
    i agree that estonians are quite good with their hands :)
    regarding your daughter - are you moving here to estonia? then she could learn it at regular school. don't know about "huvirings" unfortunately. but i'm sure that if you go eg to some craft fair then crocheters selling there could easily teach her the basics. and if you or she really want to learn it, internet can help as well. i'm sure there are even videos out there these days.
    i've learned felting and embroidery via internet :)
    good luck!

  4. Fantastic!! I love it. Thank you for sharing a picture. :-) Now you need to work on the earrings,....no??

  5. hi Judy! thanks for your comment :)
    no earrings, me thinks... but i'll continue working with this style of pendants.
    and i've already got another idea after seeing your "shibory" collection. with felt this time :)

  6. Lovely pendant, Marianne! I'm curious to see your final work on your shop!

  7. Võibolla sa juba nägid

  8. nüüd nägin :)
    tänud teavitamast!

  9. Anonüümne12.05.08, 21:13

    hola, I love your creations, I first saw the on etsy and now I;m here reading your blog... I have been wondering, how do you harden your crochet items? I've also made some crochet nekclases and I would love if they stayer stiff. Hope you can help me, greetings from Cancun, Mexico.


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