Kolmapäev, 21. mai 2008


Järgnev on puhas reklaam.
Esiteks üks täitsa uut sorti rõõmus vildi-heegellille-kee.
Ja teiseks uued-vanad lehekeed mu etsy-poes.

This is an official commercial announcement:
there are new n

ecklaces in my shop and more will be added soon.
The end of commercial break :)

5 kommentaari:

  1. I admire your works of art!!
    your new necklaces are very womanly and tenderly.
    your blog inspires me enormous.

    may I link your web site?


  2. thank you Anita! and sure you can link it :)

  3. Oh, see uutmoodi kee on nii ilus! Nii armas lilleke ja see metallkoonus teises otsas :D

  4. Your creations are simply stunning Marianne... it was a great pleasure to host your wonderful artworks in my blog :)

    Ale (ixela)

  5. those necklaces are beautifull marianne! I almost can't resist anymore ;-)


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