reede, 30. jaanuar 2009

Pods or sea urchins?

Here's the story:
immediately after seeing this post on DAM I just had to grab a hook and start crocheting away. Work of some of the most ingenious polymer clay artists' has always inspired me. Here's for example one try from last year and I've had something else on my mind for looong time also.

First I was thinking pods as in Dustin's work. Crocheted pods with some freshwater pearls...
But last night while listing things to etsy, I had them laying around in front of me (as well as some jewelry findings) and my hands almost automatically created this "hidden tresure" ring.

Or maybe not hidden after all?

Due to flexibility of crochet it's wearable both ways.
Well, everything is still very raw, but I'm rather excited about it. And ready to do some supply shopping :)

7 kommentaari:

  1. nii lahedad! algul ma vaatasin, et vaarikad :)

  2. These are so unbelievable beautiful! I love them!

  3. Anonüümne02.02.09, 17:46

    Very nice and original!

    Dragon breton

  4. Anonüümne13.02.09, 16:53

    superbe !!! j'adore. frany


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