Pühapäev, 19. veebruar 2012

Linnusilmapiste - Detached chain stitch

Linnusilmapistega tikkisin mõned lillekesed ning veidi sai neid vaba käega siia sinna "täidiseks" puistatud.

This is my second TAST and as in first one in 2007 I'm not stitching any samplers, nor am I really exploring the varieties of one stitch. I'm just freeforming and having fun :)
In 2007 I stitched on crocheted and fulled bags (got done 3 of them) and this year I chose to stitch on black velvet jacket. 
As I browsed through my old posts I noticed that in 2007 I finished my first bag in 8 weeks, that was fast! This time I'm taking it really slow. My goal is to add at least something with each stitch, if I have more time, then good, I can play more, if not, then just a few inches will do as well.

That's how one part of my project looks at the moment. There's buttonhole, feather and detached chain stitch in this fragment.

5 kommentaari:

  1. Olá.

    Linda peça!
    Parabéns pelo trabalho,

    Abraços de coisas boas,


  2. I like your freeform stitching very much. Beautiful.

  3. Ahh, kui ilus värviline. Silm lausa puhkab peal :)

  4. All your ornaments are just beautiful!

  5. Õudsalt äge on see värviline tikand mustal taustal. Sul on ikka seda silma :)


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