kolmapäev, 27. detsember 2006

Marie Segal

Marie Segal heegeldab ja koob voolimismassist valmistet "lõngast".
Siin saab täpsemalt lugeda, kuidas seda teha ning siin silmitseda kootud esemeid. Sama lehekülje teistes galeriides võib vaadata voolimismassist ehteid.

Marie Segal crochets and knits with polymer clay. Here you can read how is it done and here is a gallery with knitted garments. Other galleries on the same page are filled with interesting polymer clay jewelry.

Found via polymerclaydaily.com - wonderful and inspiring site filled with great links to various polymer clay artists, tips and techinques etc, etc. I only found this site yesterday and I know where I'll be spending my spare moments next days :)

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