Kolmapäev, 15. oktoober 2008

#3, #4, #5

Here I used one of the leaf-motifs made awhile back. The bright one.
That's another purpose of this project - to get rid of all these bits and pieces I've made but never used. Felted and crocheted and needle-felted with machine. There are tons of them, trust me.

Here's the piece of white lace on top of lining-fabric. (Is that how you call it in english?)
Bit of wool, pieces of yarn.


5 kommentaari:

  1. Anonüümne15.10.08 20:13

    Whow! All what I can see on your pictures seem such beautiful miniatures!
    Go on!

  2. See nr 5 on väga põneva, ootamatu kompositsiooniga. Väga isuäratavad kunsttükid!

  3. thanks Veerle! yep, i intend to keep on going, am very excited about it at the moment :)

    Sirje - tänud tagasiside eest :)
    see nr 5 on sellest pundist minugi lemmik.
    a aina huvitavamaks läheb. ma ei saa hästi pidama enam :)

  4. Your green caplet is beautiful! Do you have the pattern available? Thank you!

  5. thank you None!
    unfortunately there's no pattern available. i just crocheted bunch of round motifs and later crocheted them together. by intuition mostly :)
    then added surface crochet, beads etc.


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