Teisipäev, 14. oktoober 2008

Just do it!

Do you think Nike's gonna sue me if i repeat that too often?

Here's the story:

* one night I was checking Sara Lechner's newest blog - whatiffingaround
* later on I was reading Layers of Meaning and this post led me onto Nancy Reiner's painting blog and to this particular post: Turn up the volume on the inner voice.
* soon after that I found Jude Hill's Spirit cloth and What if via fellow estonian textile lover Tiina.
* since forever I've been wanting to do many different things with my embellisher, including "something big" :)
But I've always postponed it "till kids grow and I'll have more spare time".
Only to realize that, yeah, they grow alright, but that doesn't nessecerely mean there's more time for me. If I just don't make up my mind and just do it.

So all in all - now i'm doing it. Just doing it.
Which means I'm taking a little bit of time (15-30 minutes, or depending on situation) every work-day to play with my embellisher. Without thinking twice. Just doing it. No plan, no nothing. No thinking about if it's gonna look good or have I lost my mind or shouldn't stay-at-home-mom do something more useful instead, haha :)

Was so excited about the idea that I made 5 pieces today.
Doodled first with needle-felting machine, then sewed it onto 20 cm x 20 cm piece of old sheet (using the same orange thread every time because of laziness) and finally painted the showing part of white sheet with acrylics. (and believe it or not, these were exactly the colors that my 5 yo boy was mixing before. i only used his left-overs.)

And later on, when I'll be done with doodling (month, two, five? who knows) I'll be assembling these pieces into quilt(s).
Images of 3 other pieces will be up tomorrow.

4 kommentaari:

  1. See paistab nagu maal :D

  2. Ma olen seda lihtsalt ärategemise meetodit kasutanud tüütute kodutööde puhul. Aga tõesti, mitte oodata seda pidulikku inspiratsiooniseisundit või aega või ruumi, vaid lihtsalt oma idee ära teostada, kasvõi alustada tema materialiseermist - see oleks lahendus. Nüüd ma siin rääkisin iseendale. Loodetavasti veenvalt:)

    Väga ilusad nõelamaalid!

  3. Igati tore, et sul ka masinal "sügishooajaselt" hääled sees. Maalite koos kenasti!


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