neljapäev, 10. mai 2007

7 things meme

Pat tagged me for 7 things meme and I'm supposed to reveal 7 things about myself. Well, here we go:
1. I learned to crochet at age of 5 or 6 and picked it up again 7 years ago when I got pregnant with my first child. The reason for it was to help me quit smoking. And I did give up smoking but it seems that now I'm not able to quit crocheting ;)
2. We don't have TV
3. I go barefoot all summer long. (Well, in our climate it's somewhere around 2 months)
4. I have more conversations going on in my head than with real people
5. I love sun and heat and I get tanned very fast. At the same time I live in Estonia where weather is rather cold (if not to say freezing)...
6. I was a swimmer for 9 years till age of 17. For first few years it was playful and fun but later it ment going to pool before and after school every single day. Plus one month of training-camp in summer.
Needless to say - I haven't done any sports in last 15 years.
7. I can't drive.
I won't tag anybody else as most of english-written blogs I read, have been tagged already.

Kui keegi soovib seda seitsmest ketti oma bloogis jätkata, siis laske aga käia. Esmalt seitse suvalist asja enese kohta ja siis anda teatepulk edasi seitsmele "kaaskannatajale".

3 kommentaari:

  1. mulle meeldib see neljas punkt eriti :) tuleb välja, et ma polegi ainuke :)

  2. Anonüümne23.05.07, 11:43

    I wish I learned crochet & knit as a child, it's such a great skill to have. I hope to learn when I have the chance, glad you didn't give up :) Nice to learn more about you.


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