neljapäev, 22. veebruar 2007

Barbara Fajardo

Barbara Fajardo on teada-tuntud asjatundja voolimismassi alal. Lisaks muule on tema kodulehel õpetused "läätse"-helme ja "padjakese" tegemiseks.
Veel üks läätse-õpetuse versioon.

There are two great tutorials on polymer clay artist Barbara Fajardo's homepage: one for her signature swirled lentil bead and the other for pillow bead.
And another one by Barbara: scrappy swirls tutorial.

2 kommentaari:

  1. Well, guess who's just bought a book on polymer clay, and is thinking about making buttons?

    And it's all your fault! ;)

  2. hehee, You are not the only one :)
    quite many estonian girls are giving it a try as well. me too. I just wish there were 48 hours a day - so I could share 24 with my family and still have 24 left for all kinds of crafts ;)


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