reede, 16. veebruar 2007

Veel Fimost

Lasen samal teemal edasi.
Iris Mishly bloogist leiab palju viiteid Fimoga seotule. Sealhulgas ka õpetusi.
Tema pildigalerii flickris.
Cristalline bloogis on samuti mitmeid õpetusi.
Ka bloogist leiab erinevaid juhendeid.
Polymerclaydaily ja polymerclaynotes väärivad otsast lõpuni läbilugemist :)
Huvilised saavad pilgu visata ka mu varasematele voolimismassi-teemalistele lugudele.

As of today it's possible to buy Fimo polymer clay here in Estonia I listed some useful links on this topic. Needless to say that I ordered some clay for myself first thing in the morning :)

3 kommentaari:

  1. You have really made me interested in this medium with the links you posted.
    I have ordered a book on techniques - we'll see if I'll find the time to play!

    Looking forward to see what you will be making!

  2. WOW, just discovered your blog (and flickr account) What a talent you've got! I'll keep an eye on your blog!
    Groeten uit Nederland.

  3. Thank you for Adding me and my polymeri online links to your blog!
    your blog and flickr photos are amazing, thank you!


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